Photon Messaging Protocol

Fully customisable and secure omnichain communication across EVM and non-EVM networks

Photon Messaging Protocol


The way how smart contracts communicate determines their value. The smaller the dominion, the lower the value. Put simply, Web3 adoption is hindered with siloed ecosystems.

The Photon Messaging Protocol empowers Ecosystems and DApps with fully customisable, fast and secure omnichain communication across any EVM and non-EVM blockchains.

Photon Messaging connects any chains blockchains (15+ and counting), unlocks seamless omnichain applications, tokens, and experiences for both users and developers. The protocol relies on immutable on-chain endpoints smart contracts, a customisable Security Stack, and distributors set of agents to transfer censorship-resistant messages between any chains.

Interoperability Resolved

Agents Network

Off-chain PoS machines, that collect and aggregate blockchain data. These can be approved Entangle agents or configured agents run by 3rd party entities.

Unified Ecosystem

Build omnichain dapps, user experiences and assets allowing communication across 14 networks + blockchain networks with a single deployment

Fully Configurable Setup

Full customization over key parameters relating to consensus, security and data streaming, achieving an optimal balance between security, decentralization, and cost.

Revenue Sharing through $NGL

Fees generated from utilising Photon Messaging are distributed to validators, transmitter agents, and their delegates

Max Security

Secured via a hybrid proof of collateral model consisting of the Entangle Blockchain, 100 validators and transmitter agents working in tandem to securely authenticate messages.

Key Components

Entangle Blockchain

Houses logic from checking Transmitter Agents consensus to rewarding and slashing economics. Also serves as the trustless link between Transmitter and Executor Agents.

Gateaway: End Point

Immutable smart contract on each connected blockchain. All incoming and outgoing transactions related to retrospective blockchain go through this smart contract.

Relayer: Transmitter Agent

Off-chain PoS machines transmitting data to the Entangle blockchain. Required to stake $NGL as collateral for protection against dishonest behaviour.

Signer: Executor Agent

External developer agent, which executes authenticated omnichain operation transactions on external blockchains.

Slasher: Watcher

Optional extension of Transmitter Agents, to check confluence of operational execution and approvals on the Entangle Blockchain.


Photon Messaging Protocol employs End Point for omnichain transactions. When a transaction is initiated, off-chain machines known as Transmitter Agents fetch information from the End Point on the source chain.

Transmitter Agents check and sign the transaction as in voting process. Next, the Master Smart Contract (MAS) on the Entangle Blockchain receives the data and verifies both the Transmitter Agents' permissions and consensus.

Once validated, the transaction is securely recorded on the Entangle Blockchain and transmitted to the End Point on the destination chain. This data transfer is facilitated by off-chain Executor Agents.


To achieve an optimal balance between security,
decentralisation, and cost, DApps have the flexibility to customise the number of Transmitter Agents and 6 other parameters to suit their specific requirements.

Additionally, developers can establish their own Transmitter Agents for added control.

Number of Transmitter Agents
Consensus Threshold
Data Sources
Data Process Logic
Data Delivery Method
Payment for Operations Processed
Transmitter Agents' Collateral Amount

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